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5 core mindfulness skills

Mindfulness is the state and a therapeutic technique of being conscious of the present moment and about our own inner selves. Pay attention and notice how you think or even do many things involuntarily. You would discover that most of the thoughts are useless and unimportant- passing through the mind with very fast speed. You will also get to know how a single thought, creates a lot more number of additional thoughts with it. This is how our mind get cluttered with the past and future thoughts, distracting us from the Now.

Redirect your life with self- introspection

Make it a habit of spending time with yourself and questioning ‘What do I want with my life”, “Am I happy in the moment, “What is my mind thinking”, “What am I feeling right now”, and so on. This will make you conscious and help in keeping a track of your mental health and emotional wellbeing. But remember, Introspection is important- but not to the extent that you end up questioning your own existence value.

Have a conscious control of your life with a healthy diet

You must have heard- You are what you eat. The food that you eat affects your energy, emotional wellbeing, your mood and behaviour. That’s why start eating good to feel good. Also whatever you intake, eat mindfully- take your focus to all the perceptions of eating- your chewing activity, the taste, the smell and so on. This will make eating not just the need for nutrition, but an experience for more subtle senses and needs.

Practicing mindfulness with love and kindness

Inculcating a positive mindset with optimist sentiments, can lead you to become a calmer version of self. Bring love, compassion and helping attitude towards others to serve your own inner self with peace.

In order to become Mind-Full, Empty your mind!

Just like Bruce lee beautifully puts it up- become devoid in order to gain totality. Empty your cup in order to fill it again: one needs to clear their negativity from within , only then can positivity can flow purely . One can do so by being part of the present moment- and letting go of the past and future as we know that major percent of the problems, stress, and anxiety is based either on what’s happened or due to what is going to happen.

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