The Inner Conflict of a Married Woman - Counselors The Inner Conflict of a Married Woman - Counselors

The Inner Conflict of a Married Woman

Mrs. S, a 55-year-old married woman has been feeling low, irritable, angry, and feeling like running away from everything. Her family was worried about her so they took her to various hospitals, where she was given several medications that only made her feel sleepy the entire day but did help with her other problems. Her family took her to different temples, and Ayurveda centers but still all the symptoms were the same the only difference was that now Mrs. S started feeling hopeless, and her desire to live the life also decreased.

For 2 years Mrs. S and her family were trying to get her help but the only problem was that they did not go to the right person.

After 2 years Mrs. S and her family suggested that they should go to a psychologist and that is when she met the psychologist with a very tired and hopeless face. Her history was taken and the psychologist realized that Mrs. S and her husband were the eldest in their family and so for her entire life after marriage she was the one who had to do all the duties of the entire family, she had to be the responsible one, she had to fulfill everybody’s expectations and she had to take care of everything and even after doing all that she did not get the respect that she deserved. For her entire life, she had lived for others fulfilling their expectations which started making her irritable in general.

Women having an inner battle with herself

Nobody around her understood what she wanted along with Mrs. S herself. She did not need medications or multiple visits to the hospital and temples, all she wanted was someone to tell her that it is Oki to start living for herself, giving away the responsibilities that she took all these years as she felt guilty and selfish for feeling this way. The only thing that she had to understand was that “Change is the only constant in life”.

After 1st session itself, Mrs. S was very relieved as told by her family members, and was very enthusiastic to come for a follow-up. Today Mrs. S is living her life the way she wanted to without guilt with her family’s support and is very grateful for the fact that she could get the help she wanted.

A story on how marriage counseling does wonders:

But the question here is 

What if Mrs. S had come to a psychologist 2 years prior?

What if Mrs. S and her family would have been aware of what a counselor does?

What if they had a platform where they could get help in their comfort?

What if getting help was not a race of fixing appointments and making them on time?

Mrs. S is just an example. There are millions of Mrs. S in our world who feel that something is wrong in their lives and are not happy, but still living like that because they are hopeless and feel that nobody can help them.

JUNO was an ancient Roman goddess, the protector and special counselor for women whose aim was to empower women. Our aim is very similar to her as we also want to create awareness about the problems the women in our world face and also give them a platform where their issues could be solved and they could feel powerful again.

Having relationship problems:


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