Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s giving! - Counselors Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s giving! - Counselors

Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s giving!

Self care isn’t just relaxing with cucumbers on your eyes and getting a pedicure done, it’s much more, but also it’s not always some extravagant deed- it can also be just doing nothing sitting alone with yourself. It can even mean setting boundaries to protect your inner peace

Feel guilt free to have your own me-time with these validating reasons.

Caring for self is Caring for others.

To serve others, first you need to serve yourself. Pretending to be strong all the time doesn’t lasts long- you need your mind and body to function mentally, physically, and spiritually well. How can you expect to be of any help to someone else when you can’t help your own self ?

Self care instills worthiness in your subconscious mind

With care for self, grows strong the feeling of being valued and worthy. You start feeling proud of who you are, trusting your own self and confident just the way you are.

For a Healthier You

Don’t misunderstand self care by limiting it for just meditation, breathing exercises or anything just associated with inner peace.  You don’t have to go lift barbells; every small step counts- may it be just walking or 100 skips daily. Do whatever limit makes you feel satisfied. Just make it a consistent part of your life. Take care of your body as it’s the only place you have to live.


Motivation starts to flows naturally through your nerves when you start being conscious and take care of yourself. It’s a great way to bounce back from the hard times and let the ray of hope slide in with passion and motivation to stand up again.

Instead of just breathing, live to the fullest!

Don’t just exist; experience Life’s beauty in its true form. But that can’t happen if you can’t accept and take care of your own self. If you don’t feel beautiful about yourself, life will too look black and white on it’s own. As you start inculcating the habit of valuing yourself by practicing self-care, appreciation for the tiniest of things will start flowing naturally on its own. And instead of complaining, will come acceptance and gratitude for everything you are gifted with.

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