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Counseling is a lot like going to the gym, beautician and doctor regularly, because our mind also needs the same amount of care and pampering as our body. Counseling can empower you and help you achieve your goals, and have more fulfilling relationships as well as better health too. So it can lead to improvement in all areas of life.

Counseling is for everybody. Every human being has a basic right to have access to a trained professional who can help us in our overall growth and wellbeing. Even Counselors need counselling! Therefore anybody with a willingness to explore any area of life can benefit from meeting a Counselor. 

No, this is an inaccurate understanding of the role of Counselors. Counselors are NOT problem solvers; rather they are professionals trained with skills and competencies that facilitate an individual to gain awareness, growth and transformation through a warm & understanding relationship. There is no magic solution or specific advice. Every individual and their life situation is unique and therefore there can never be a ‘one size fits all’ solution. 

In our experience, after Counseling, people have shared that they “feel lighter”, “gain clarity”, “learn more about themselves and others”, “feel less stuck or overwhelmed”, “feel energized”, “feel good, positive and hopeful”, “take decisions and actions”, “see positive changes”, “improve relationships” and so on. This is often possible because the Counselor is neutral and objective while working with you. 

Since Counseling is misunderstood in our country, it is valid to ask this question. However, we hope to educate the general public and create awareness about what Counseling truly is, so that the stigma attached to it may go away. We dream of a day where people see Counseling in a positive light, as a way to enhance their personal growth and wellbeing.

You can talk about your feelings, emotions, problems – almost anything under the hat without the fear of being judged. You can discuss any of your problems related to relationships, marriage, stress, anger, parenting, etc and our trained Counselors will help you.

Every Counselor is different, and the types of questions depend on your individual counseling goals. Most Counselors will ask questions about your thoughts and feelings. They will also ask you about the critical parts of your life: your relationships, school, work, and health. If Counselors are unsure about your goals from Counseling, they’ll likely ask questions to gain clarity. 

Some people begin to feel better as soon as they make their interaction or at the time of their first session. There can be a sense of relief when you make the commitment to address an issue that is problematic. 

Heelr app will revolutionize the emotional health and wellness space for women and reinvent the conventional methods. Our experienced and qualified women Counselors will help you with issues that might be bothering you like relationships, marital conflicts, parenting, body image, workplace stress, anger problems, etc anytime from the comfort of your home without revealing your identity anytime without having to make a prior appointment. 

Our team ensures that every Counselor we bring to the platform is fully accredited and in good standing and has a Masters degree in their field. Each application is reviewed, screened, interviewed and then the final selection is done. While their experience, expertise, and background vary, they all possess at least 2 years and 200 hours of hands-on experience.

Heelr mobile app gives you the flexibility of connecting with trained and qualified women counselors in real-time according to your preferences in just 3 simple steps where you first have to select the topic that you need help in, read the FAQ’s in the app for that particular topic and then select the perfect counsellor for yourself. After finding counselor you can connect with them just by clicking a button without any prior appointment via the mobile app.

Heelr is a space where you can be anonymous and choose from multiple counselors according to your preferences(qualification, language,  specialisation)and problems. Counselors on Heelr are completely non judgmental, and would listen and empathize with you and then help you see new perspectives about the situations you are going through. We have no religious, political or cultural affiliations and do not judge callers in any way.

You can connect to the counselor via the Heelr app anytime 24/7 from anywhere.

You can use text, audio call, or video call to connect with the counselor on the app. We have free chat option available in our app so if you find it difficult to start on the voice or video call then you can first chat with your counsellor for some time and once you feel comfortable you can switch over to voice or video call. 

Yes, many of our practitioners are fluent in another language and can work with you in that language if you prefer. 

No you don’t have to use your real name. Instead we recommend that you use a dummy name or nickname in your conversation? 

Yes. All information that you share will be kept confidential. This is an extremely important ethical guideline for a counsellor where no information can be disclosed to another person without your consent. Therefore you can be confident that what you share will be kept as a secret. Every counsellor at Heelr is ethically bound to maintain confidentiality except in situations where there is risk of self-harm, harm to others or child abuse.

You will be charged on a pay-per-use basis. 

The session fee will be equal to the number of call minutes multiplied by the counselor’s fee During Session, the app calculates the fee (Expert Fee * No of Minutes), where the first minute of consultation is free. 

The client is automatically charged (pre-paid) on a pay-per-use basis from their in-app wallet. 

After the session is over the money will be deducted from your wallet and added to the counselors wallet. You can recharge your valet using any payment option or coupon available on the app The client cannot make a call if the wallet amount is less than the predefined limit.