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Our advisors make a difference in the life of those around them by living our core values of Care, Ethics and Trust.
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    Meet Heelr Advisors

    nishtha sood

    Nishtha Sood

    • EXP: 3500+ Sessions
    • Clinical Psychologist

    "I am a certified psychologist with experience in counseling women of all age groups, cultures, and diverse ethnic backgrounds.

    I know seeking out a counselor is a huge step, and you may be afraid or uncomfortable in doing so the first time. However, I assure you that this will be a safe space, and I am ready to give you more clarity on the counseling process and answer all the questions you have about it."

    divya khanna

    Divya Khanna

    • EXP: 200+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "Well, my outlook regarding therapy and counseling is very simple. I prefer a clinically oriented empathetic approach in dealing with my clients. My preferred go-to therapies are Solution Focused Brief therapy and client-centered therapy.

    I like to gain a deeper understanding of the individual as a whole and not only in contexts that have shaped the individual. I prefer a clinical-oriented outlook that is empathetic so that the client feels safe in sharing important aspects of their life.

    The purpose that I try to achieve is to help my clients achieve their best functioning sense of well-being through empathetic and evidence-based counseling support."

    varinda ahuja

    Varinda Ahuja

    • EXP: 3000+ Sessions
    • Clinical Psychologist

    "I believe that challenges during our lifetime, manifest in a wide variety of ways and feels passionately that therapy can facilitate a unique experience, where these difficulties can be safely navigated, besides thoughts and feelings which are often difficult to bear alone can be given appropriate time and space to unfold.

    I progressively believe in creating together a ‘map’ of how the difficulties have developed and help you to normalize and find perspective, whether the issues are related to past traumas or current life challenges."

    team member of heelr

    Prajakta Nare

    • EXP: 2500+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I help people lead better and more balanced lives by listening to their concerns in an empathetic manner and working collaboratively to help them find solutions.

    With the help of purpose-built exercises, tools, and techniques I can help you bring clarity to complex problems and help you achieve a balanced and healthy life."

    lady counselor of heelr


    • EXP: 3200+ Sessions
    • Clinical Psychologist

    "I believe in catering tailored-made intervention as every client is different and humans should be seen differently no one is exactly the same even coming from the same environmental background.

    Rather than solely relying on manualized intervention I believe in catering a good combination of both the aspects tailored made to the need of the client from a manualized intervention designed to achieve that need, in a manner most suited to the particular client."

    heelr clinical psychologist

    Shivi Saxena

    • EXP: 3000+ Sessions
    • Clinical Psychologist

    "Through my therapeutic skills and wide experience working with children, adolescents, and women I am here to help you with ypur psychological and emotional concerns.

    I offer a collaborative environment for you to share your problems, where we can together work on their resolution and improve your emotional and mental health."

    consulting psychologist

    Jyotika Arora

    • EXP: 3000+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I believe that each individual is unique and thus, I develop therapy plans based on your needs.

    My objective is to apply my skills and expertise in counseling, and provide support to women who are going through emotional, intra-and inter-personal, and psychological struggles.

    If you are dealing with any kind of distress be it work-related, relationship-related, career-related, or due to day-to-day issues, connect with now to start your healing journey."

    clinical pychologist

    Arshiya Khan Karol

    • EXP: 500+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "My approach to therapy and counseling is straightforward and simple. I follow a strength-based, solution-future focused, and active approach that will help you take small steps forward to resolve your concern.

    I offer solution-focused brief therapy to enhance your emotional wellbeing. Connect with me to start your emotional healing journey now."

    rittika karmakar​

    Rittika Karmakar

    • EXP: 500+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I am an empathetic and friendly counselor and strongly believe that knowing and loving oneself is essential, and I want to instill the same in my clients by providing them with the freedom to be themselves and acknowledge themselves.

    I take a holistic and client-centered approach to my work. For my client, I create an unbiased and confidential environment."


    Ayushi Keshri

    • EXP: 100+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "My therapy approach includes knowing the root cause of the problem and working with you to manage your symptoms relating to anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues.

    I try to work with clients using different modalities like behavior modification, client-centered therapy, and existential therapy. I love to help people in need and provide them with my empathetic support."

    pragya sharma

    Pragya Sharma

    • EXP: 100+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I follow a Humanistic approach to counseling, which means that I believe that every individual has the potential to overcome their problems, all they need is a little bit of motivation and a support system that acts as a mirror for self-reflection.

    In my sessions, I provide you with those skills and help you develop those competencies so that you could approach your problems holistically and work towards their solutions fearlessly."

    jyoti gautam

    Jyoti Gautam

    • EXP: 500+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I believe that counseling is not to be sought only when you are experiencing extreme distress but is necessary even when you start to experience changes in your emotional health.

    I have been working for more than 2 years in the field of mental health, in the area of socio-emotional concerns and well-being of children, adolescents, and women.

    Connect with me for a judgment-free session to explore and work towards enhancing your emotional wellness."


    Rineeta Banerjee

    • EXP: 200+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I have a keen interest in understanding the human experience through a client-centered approach, following a combination of therapeutic interventions that suit the needs of the client, to achieve goals within the context of therapeutic counseling.

    I am trained in providing Psychological First Aid from John Hopkins University and also being presently trained in suicide assessment, management, and prevention."

    riti srivastava

    Riti Srivastava

    • EXP: 100+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I believe that trauma and grief associated with it is an emotionally draining experience for any individual. I strongly assert that positive coping and strong emotional health is very much essential to deal with distressing situations in life.

    Reach out to me for a non-judgemental session if you are dealing with any day-to-day problem that is affecting your emotional and mental wellbeing."


    Renuka Simones

    • EXP: 400+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "We often seek our dear ones when we are distressed, they may offer emotional support through our tough times, but, they may not be able to understand and be unbiased always.

    I’m an empathetic and non-judgmental listener who is offering you a safe space to share your worries where I can guide you towards emotional wellness using my understanding of psychological principles."

    Drishti Nayyar

    Drishti Nayyar

    • EXP: 100+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I am passionate about offering help to people dealing with mental health issues and creating awareness for the same.

    I am ardent about understanding emotional difficulties and mental disorders people deal with. I also love to connect people from all walks of life. Feel free to connect with me for a non-judgemental session."



    • EXP: 400+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I have experience of providing counseling to people dealing with grief, depression, stress, relationship, and anger-related concerns. I am also trained in handling parenting issues.

    Feel free to connect with me for a session where we can explore and work towards alleviating your concerns in a collaborative environment."


    Kruti Dharod

    • EXP: 500+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I believe that mental health is a journey and not a one-stop destination.

    My counseling sessions are aimed at developing resilience and inculcating coping skills in my clients. My sessions are collaborative, empathetic, and non-judgemental."

    harleen kaur aneja

    Harleen Kaur Aneja

    • EXP: 1000+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I know it can be extremely difficult to talk about issues surrounding the personal areas of your life.

    At times people around you might not be able to understand your concerns and provide you unbiased answers, it is better to reach out to an expert so that they can guide you and help you come to a solution.

    My areas of expertise include women’s mental health, adolescent mental health, and maternal mental health."


    Pragya Ranjan

    • EXP: 100+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I believe in providing my client with an environment of trust, empathy, and compassion.

    I mainly follow the perspective of an Eclectic approach, which means, I combine techniques and skills from different approaches and tailor them specifically according to the needs of each client."


    Priyanka Udaan

    • EXP: 500+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I believe that kindness can heal the world and follow the same approach in my therapeutic practice.

    With my experience of working in women empowerment and mentoring, I seek to enhance self-esteem, assertiveness, and confidence in women and equip them with better coping strategies to facilitate emotional wellness and growth."

    Dr Vatsala Wadhwa Thakur

    Dr. Vatsala Wadhwa Thakur

    • EXP: 4000+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I offer non-judgmental and empathetic support to women dealing with emotional concerns. My main focus is on behavior and lifestyle modification.

    I have been working in the field of mental health for the last 20 years dealing with various age groups including children, adults, and the elderly. I have dealt with cases of stress, anxiety, anger management, depression, loneliness, and other mental health issues."


    Smriti Marwaha

    • EXP: 1000+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I focus primarily on issues related to gender discrimination, inequality, stereotypes, pre and post-marriage issues, relationship challenges, pregnancy and childbirth, miscarriages or abortion, grief, body image, anxiety, stress, and depression.

    I believe in empowering my clients with the life skills to manage and handle difficult life situations and day-to-day stressors by providing a supportive environment that fosters emotional growth."


    Sana Moin

    • EXP: 100+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I follow a client-centered approach where I seek to analyze the unhealthy thought patterns that lead to negative emotions.

    I would help you address and change the thinking habits that are not helpful and replace them with more helpful ones. Book a session with me to engage in an emotional healing journey."



    • EXP: 1000+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "Using a comprehensive outlook; humanism, passion, the magic of healing with empowerment and transcendence through psychological interventions is how I would like to view my journey as a psychologist.

    I offer you a supportive, empathetic, and collaborative environment where we would unravel your emotional struggles and foster positive growth."


    Kasturi Tahlani

    • EXP: 1000+ Sessions
    • Clinical Psychologist

    "I believe in providing a safe place in therapy to express, explore and experience one's authentic and highest functioning self.

    I have worked with people dealing with depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, difficulty handling life transitions, relationship issues, pain, grief, body image concerns, burnout, and trauma.

    I have an intersectional and inclusive approach towards counseling and mental health. I put in work to keep educating myself to provide the best intervention suited to my client's needs."


    Arushi Aggarwal

    • EXP: 1000+ Sessions
    • Clinical Psychologist

    "My name is Arushi and I have completed my Mphil in Child and adolescent psychology. I want to enhance my knowledge in the field of counselling. I have worked in different setups like schools, clinic and hospitals. I have given counselling to parents, children, teenagers. I enjoy dancing and painting and I am a good listener.

    I myself took therapy and know how it can enhance the living of an individual. I have also done MA in Counselling psychology and BA in Applied psychology.

    Sometimes you need a professional help which will help you resolve all the confusion and conflicts going on."


    Neha Jain

    • EXP: 500+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "I follow an innovative approach to assist clients in the professional and educational environment to "generate a winning spirit" and succeed via the integration of creative ingenuity and coaching interventions.

    A compassionate, empathic therapist, a teacher, and a non-judgmental listener committed to giving exceptional care and understanding to those in need.

    I use my innate ability to instantly develop rapport to communicate and relate to others on all levels."


    Ms. Akanksha Saxena

    • EXP: 500+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    I am qualified Counseling Psychologist . My approach is to serveto serve people with my counseling skills to help them improve their quality of life and to help them find hope in difficult times. My expertise lies in dealing with grief, attachment issues, stress, academic issues, time management, anxiety and loneliness.


    Aishwarya Kalra

    • EXP: 1000+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    "As a psychologist, my aim is to assist clients in identifying their goals and guiding them through the potential paths of sucess.

    I advocate for holistic mental health and I mostly adopt Cognitive Behavioural techniques in doing so. Nonetheless, depending on the client's needs, I try to incorporate other psychotherapies. In addition to that I am a certified Family and Couple Therapist. To further increase my competencies, I am currently learning Trauma and Grief counseling.

    During the sessions, I do my best to provide a safe and non judgemental environment in which the client can be free to express their concerns. In my practice , I usually deal with day to day concerns of my clients while also addressing any clinical concerns that my role demands of me."


    Shraddha Modi

    • EXP: 500+ Sessions
    • Counseling Psychologist

    I am Shraddha Modi. I have studied clinical psychology and have specialization in Behavioral modification. I have 4years of experience.

    I believe that “Thoughts shape our Behavior and thoughts are shaped through our Experiences”. We can work together with clients from their roots till your branches of emotions and behaviors. We are blessed with tools to shape ourselves and I am here to help you to find your tools.