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Depression symptoms in Women

Depression knows no gender boundaries, it does not discriminate. Be like depression! But on the other hand, try not to become a part of it.

In comparison, it’s proven that women are twice as likely to develop clinical depression as men. Also, girls of age group 14-18 years have higher rates of depression than boy in the same age group. Let’s take a deeper look on what depression symptoms in women sounds like.

Having trouble in remembering, or making decisions

Memory loss is a lesser known symptom of depression. It may look like forgetting deadlines, losing general knowledge, forgetting import habits like taking medications, not able to remember friends, birthday, etc. Moreover the path of taking a decision can feel like a maze full of difficulties. Therefore it can create trouble for you in making the right choices. Try to go for a local or online counseling as this symptom than become a lifelong issue if not taken care of.

Losing the ray of hope and feeling worthless

Depression leads to various chemical imbalances in our body which interrupts in our emotional wellbeing- ending up making us feel helpless, with zero confidence or self-esteem and unable to see any hope of success, happiness or fulfillment in life. Online therapy could also make you feel better. Having someone to talk to could surely make you feel better.

Persistent physical depression symptoms in women

These may include the symptoms that don’t end up healing even after treatment, such as digestive issues, headaches and chronic pain. These are the long term symptoms that keep on coming in and out even after taking medication. You can seek counselling and therapies which could help you out. Therefore try searching for ‘psychologist near me’ and make an offline or online therapy part of your daily life for a certain period of time to put a full stop to these symptoms by making them temporary.

Feeling all drained out of energy

Feeling “slowed down”. This physical symptom is a key indicator that your bundled up negative thoughts and emotions have start taking their toll upon your heath resulting in extreme fatigue. With this laziness and the will to do nothing becomes part of the functioning of daily life

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