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How to stop Overthinking ?

If used rightly, the mind is no doubt an instrument with supreme powers. But in most of our lives, its activity of thinking non-stop has become the tool of destruction.

Most of us are stuck in the terrifying loop of overthinking, created by the misuse of thoughts and emotions. Emotions and thoughts feed each other. Notice how every single emotion you feel is due to a thought that was recently processed in your head. And how the emotion you just felt, in turn, creates even more thoughts of its same nature. Getting help of online counsellor may get you out of the situation

Questions like- ‘What if…’, “I could have…”, “What will happen…” or “Why did I…?” start to pop up in the head. It even wages an internal battle within due to contradicting thoughts- “I would love to meet them” turns into “What if they don’t like me” or “Will I be able to talk confidently ?”

This energy-draining non-stop activity robs us of our inner peace.  

Here are some tips from Heelr- an emotional wellness platform, for you to break free from your habit of constant thinking.

Accept! You always have only two options when facing any situation- either to let it be as it is or work towards changing it. Now the choice is yours- either to peacefully accept the situation, or just end up waging an internal battle over thinking about what Already Exists.

Start listening to the voice inside your mind. Watch your thoughts and emotions without reacting and judging them. Observe them, but don’t absorb. You would discover that most of them are useless and unimportant- passing through the mind at a very fast speed. You will also get to know how a single thought, creates a lot more additional thoughts with it. 

Spend time with Nature, and away from social media. Try walking barefoot on grass, soaking your face in the bright sunlight in the morning, or feeling the calming touch of wind on your body. Minimize your daily spend of scrolling through reels and posts on the phone as they lead to a more distracted state of mind.

Journal. Self Awareness is the key to transformation. When you start to journal- you become conscious and analyze your state of being. Journaling before sleep is considered great to cover up all that you have been feeling the whole day.

Start living in the present moment. The overthinking pattern mostly revolves around the past or future. That’s why start focusing on the uncomplicated Present. One can practice various techniques to distress and stay in the moment like:

  • 4-7-8 Breathing technique– Inhale the air for the span of 4 counts. Then hold your breath for up to the count of 7. And then count up to 8 for exhaling. Remember to notice the natural flow of the air in and out with how your belly expands and flattens with it respectively. Stay conscious of the whole process.
  • 5-4-3-2-1 coping technique– This includes being conscious and acknowledging 5 things you can see, 4 things to touch, 3 things to hear, 2 things to smell, and 1 thing to taste in the very given moment, no matter where you are. This is a very effective technique as it draws one’s attention to the present moment freeing them of the unnecessary burden we carry of the past and future.

To help and advise people who struggle with overthinking, is one of the many areas we work upon at Heelr. Hope we helped with your problems.


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