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4 things to try before giving up on your marriage

Sometimes the complications in a marriage can out shadow the love between the couple, forcing both to rethink about their relationship.

But even after the problems, the love doesn’t just cease to exist. It just gets buried deep down and needs to be brought back to the surface. A radical shift in mindset and few efforts are all that’s needed sometimes to save a marriage. Giving a one last chance is always better than anything. You could try out marriage counseling as well. Which might help to re build your relation.

Every husband and wife relationship deserves a last shot of hope. Here’s how you can try giving yours a shot and mend things over again:


Don’t hold on to the past mistakes and arguments you had with your partner. Doing so will only arouse more new arguments in future. Practice the art of forgiveness not just for your partner, but for yourself as it will help you to move forward with a fresh burden free mindset.

Communicate what you don’t like about each other.

Sharing out the thoughts about your partner’s flaws and mistakes shouldn’t become a point of argument. Instead, it is one of the most essential stepping stone for building a strong foundation of marriage. Let out whatever you’ve clustered within your mind with your spouse and be each other’s part of solutions, not problems.

Grow your physical affection

Oxytocin- a bonding hormone that gets released by the touch of hands, hugs, or other physical contacts; provides the mind with a calming sensation. It induces effects of anti- stress and can help rebuild your husband and wife relationship in a positive way.

Don’t neglect Arguments

Agreeing to everything just to neglect conflicts can be very lethal for your marriage. Arguments are not always harmful, they are actually very crucial. Once resolved, leads to a healthier and friendlier environment of mutual understanding as they allow the partners to keep each other points and clear any confusion buried deep within.


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