How Overthinking can take a negative toll on your overall Health - Counselors How Overthinking can take a negative toll on your overall Health - Counselors

How Overthinking can take a negative toll on your overall Health

Most of us are stuck in the terrifying loop of overthinking, created by the misuse of thoughts and emotions. Emotions and thoughts feed each other. Notice how every single emotion you feel is due to a thought that was recently processed in your head. And how the emotion you just felt, in turn, creates even more thoughts of its same nature.

Questions like- ‘What if…’, “I could have…”, “What will happen…” or “Why did I…?” start to pop up in the head. It even wages an internal battle within due to contradicting thoughts- “I would love to meet them” turns into “What if they don’t like me” or “Will I be able to talk confidently?”

This energy-draining non-stop activity robs us of our inner peace. This is how it is a major problem for our mental health:

Becomes an obstacle for Problem solving and Decision making

The path of taking a decision can feel like a maze full of difficulties due to the flow of contradicting thoughts. Overthinking wages an internal battle within the mind. Therefore it can create trouble for you in making the right choices or to get a solution to a problem. You are just stressing out yourself which is unnecessary. You need to do stress management.

It Irregulates your sleep cycle

The overlapping and continuous thoughts create chaos within our inner selves which can result in the disruption of the normal functioning of the body. Overthinking can consume your night time with useless thoughts forcing you to stay awake late at night in anxiety. Also, it can make one easily tired and exhausted, leaving them to stay lethargic throughout the day

It can reshape itself into a Mental illness

Overthinking causes anxiety, fear, doubt, stress and many other mental health issues due to the minds nature of always thinking about the past and future problems. It can be the very first stage of developing more mental health illnesses in future.

Can attack your inner creativity

Over thinking easily exhausts the brain cells. This takes a negative toll on the mind overall and our capability of creative imagination can get impacted as a consequence.


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