Depression in youth -Dark Side of Social Media Depression Depression in youth -Dark Side of Social Media Depression

Depression in youth -Dark Side of Social Media

How social media catalyze the Depression symptoms

We have got a new drug being circulated – It’s easily accessible, that too for free and even to younger ages. It’s worst of its kind- Social media! Everyone is so messed up looking into the other person’s lifestyle through social media- that they have lost most of themselves in the race of knowing everything going on in the world. We have completely forgotten about just living in the moment which leads to depression.

Comparison and jealousy

Everyone’s busy showcasing their so called perfect picture of being surrounded by friends, family, luxury and happiness. It deepens the hollowness of being lonely. Sometimes just the jealousy becomes enough for one to start comparing their life to the other person- like start feeling alone for not having a girlfriend or boyfriend and start feeling like they have nothing and no one  when they are already blessed with other relations like best friends, loving siblings and parents.

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 Opened social media and saw your friends hang out with you at home not able to go cause you had a family function to attend? You had your reasons, but still jealousy can easily crept in for them having fun without you. FOMO leads one to question their own-worth and the value of the relationships they hold with others.

Research suggests cutting down your social media usage keeps FOMO in check as this will result in you less comparing your own life with the so called perfect pictures.

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Negativity wherever you scroll

We are not trying to blindfold your eyes to the good side of social media. We are just trying to aware you to the down side too for you not to fall into the trap. Stats shows how for increasing number of people now social media has become the primary source of obtaining news instead of traditional news channels or newspapers. People unwillingly are becoming victim to negative news and information which in turn is unconsciously growing anxiety within people.

You are more at risk!

With social media tags along cyber crime. Also New ways have taken their path to risks the lives of younger innocent ages like bullying, black mailing, or leaving negative comments.

The lower the exposure time to social media, better your mental and emotional wellbeing.


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