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Emotional Numbness|How Online Counseling can help

Emotional Numbness is an inability to feel emotions, either to some extent or at all. The world starts to seem on one side in this condition, with you on the other, and an invisible wall in between. While providing Online counseling, we have noticed many situations where this is the case.

Seek some online counseling from best psychologist that how to get over it. Counseling helps you in many ways only if you believe in the process.

For such a person, inner passion can get blocked within, and motivation can be very hard to withdraw from anywhere. This is why even if a part of them tells them to jump over the pain of numbness, the dark void happens to do the opposite, preventing them to get out of the state.

Signs validating you are emotionally numb

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  • Lack of will to take action or do anything
  • Questioning the purpose of your life
  • Feeling that the world around you is revolving happily except for you
  • The questions like “Why don’t I care about anything”, “Why doesn’t my own family’s happiness or sorrow matter to me anymore”, or “Why do I feel nothing” may start popping up in your head as a consequence of emotional numbness.    
  • Experiencing a physical sensation of emptiness in the body (especially in the belly, chest, or throat)
  • Inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable
  • Emotional Disconnection
  • Knowing you should be feeling happy, sad, connected, or angry in a particular situation yet feeling nothing.
  • Avoiding interaction with others
  • Intrusive dreams or thoughts

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Root Causes

It can be very hard to pinpoint the cause of feeling empty inside. The cause can be due to a singular issue or a club of diverse issues. They might be:

  • Clinical depression leads to persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant disruption in daily life.
  • Or you might have made it your habit to push away emotions willingly to deal with the hard situations
  • It can get triggered by a terrifying event — either by experiencing it or witnessing it.
  • Past related problems like when your parents are not aware enough of your feelings and emotional needs as they raise you, can lead you to become this way.
  • Prolonged use of substances like alcohol, drugs, and painkillers can also make a person feel numb emotionally for some period of time.

How to overcome it through online counseling

Speak up to a psychologist/Get Online Counseling

Bottling up the anguish of feeling numb will only lead to enlarging your problem.

The very thought- that your friends/loved ones won’t exactly be able to understand what you are going through- can prevent you from talking about it. It is not completely wrong either, most people can’t even imagine how miserable a state it can be. But that doesn’t mean no one will be able to. Try talking out with a psychologist or someone you feel will understand no matter  what. 


Self Awareness is the key to transformation. When you start to be conscious and analyze your own state of being, magical things happen with your problems fading away gradually. Try to make it a daily habit. Journaling before sleep is considered great in order to cover up all that you have been through the whole day. Another thing one can do is write daily affirmations in the very morning to lead an optimistic day.

Prioritize Self-care

Spend some time daily with yourself. This way you will get to know yourself, your problems, and how you can get over them on your own. Do whatever you can to feel positive and healthy.

Start living in the present moment

A major percentage of the problems, stress, and anxiety are based either on what’s happened i.e. the Past or due to what is going to happen i.e. the Future. Once you get rid of the agony of depression or anxiety, your numbness will treat on its own. That’s why start focusing on the uncomplicated Present.

One can practice various techniques to distress and stay in the moment like:

4-7-8 Breathing technique- Inhale the air for the span of 4 counts. Then hold your breath for up to the count of 7. And then count up to 8 for exhaling. Remember to notice the natural flow of the air in and out with how your belly expands and flattens with it respectively. Stay conscious of the whole process.

5-4-3-2-1 coping technique- This includes being conscious and acknowledging 5 things you can see, 4 things to touch, 3 things to hear, 2 things to smell, and 1 thing to taste in the very given moment, no matter where you are. This is a very effective technique as it draws one’s attention to the present moment freeing them of the unnecessary burden we carry on the past and future.


As said, “Time is the greatest healer”. Time has the power to fade away any problem in the world. Give yourself time and believe in the process. 

So, now is your time to start your Online Counseling journey.

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