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Stress and Mental Health

As, soon as one reads the heading of the article one clearly realises that due to stress the mental health declines. So basically every human on this earth experiences some sort of stress in all the walks of life. Be it in family or at a workplace or it could be any other instance wherein one feels stressed out.

So, when one is under the stressful situations, the body releases a hormone called as Cortisol aka the primary stress hormone.

According to Pearlin and Leonard (1999) stress negatively impacts the mental health and prolonged long term stressful situations may lead to the problems in one’s life.
The signs and symptoms include
-Not being able to take decisions properly
-Lacking self confidence
-Always having second thoughts about anything and everything
-Not being able to be in the present
-Decrease in the over all productivity
-The body doesn’t support physically or there in no mental energy left

The signs and symptoms vary from person to person as well. The reality is nobody can escape from the stressful situations everytime, one fine day one has to face it. So below are the simple ways to deal with the stress and handle it effectively:-

  1. Exercise regularly
    Give body some physical exercise which includes stretching and bending will loosen the muscles and release the tension within them.
  2. Eat healthy
    Often due to laziness or out of peer pressure one eats junk. But the stress levels do depend upon the type of food you intake. Eat green leafy vegetables so that your body remains healthy.
  3. Engage yourself in hobbies
    Do things that make you happy, spend time with yourself while you paint, cook, sing or dance.
  4. Have a good sleep schedule
    Having quality sleep for 6 to 8 hours will keep the body relaxed, free from all the tensions in the muscles.
    There could be many other ways to deal with stress as well. Go figure out your own ways to deal with stress.
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